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Saori Goda is an actress from Osaka, Japan.

She started her professional acting career in Japan at the age of 18 in a theater company, Nakagawa-Juku, and appeared in many theater plays, musicals and films. Goda also has been voicing as a host, caster, narrator and voice actress in a voice production, Chara.


In 2009, Saori moved to NY to brush up on her acting skill at HB studio and Stella Adler Studio of Acting. Her TV debut was as Janet Fujimoto in Monumental Mysteries (Travel Channel) which led to a number of roles in the following years, including Love Your Selfie (NBC), a feature film "A Man Full Of Days" by Dir. Enrico Cullen,  "Cocktail Party" by Dir. Regge Life, and "My Daughter Yoshiko" by Dir. Brian Blum which led Saori to the Best Actress Award (Lifft India Film Festival), Best Acting Performance In A Leading Role (Soho International Film Festival) and 4 nominations.


Besides, Goda appeared on NHK North America Cable's TV Japan CLUB, 笑ってコラえて, サンデージャポン, NHK キャッチ! 世界のトップニュース, hosted at Carnegie Hall, Cherry Blossom Festival at Brooklyn Botanic Garden and Washington DC, and also has done voice works for YouTube Series "Caillou", Microsoft, Amazon, Apple, NFL, Panasonic, Pfizer, Astrazenaka, Johnson&Johnson, hp and more.







芥川賞受賞小説の映画「カクテルパーティー」、NBCの「The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon」「ラブユアセルフィー」に加え、日本テレビの「笑ってコラえて」、TBSの「サンデージャポン」、




Cocktail Party                                  Naomi Ohashi                       Theodore Regge Life – Global Film Network Inc

A Man Full Of Days                         Good Samaritan                    Enrico Cullen – Related Parts

An Ideal Marriage                           Girl                                          Ted Sharks

Kusanagi's Edge                             Ashinazuchi's Daughter         Gregory Martin – Black Diamond Pictures

Ordinary Days                                 Saori Sakamoto                      Takashi Horie - Marmalade Pictures, Inc


LOST                                               Eva                                         Ivy Yu

The Dark Side                                 Aika                                        Lisa


Hell's Kitchen: A Tragic Fairytale    Lounge Hipstar (Featured)     Dream America Pictures


Love Your Selfie                             Young Woman                        NBC

Monumental Mysteries                  Janet Fujimoto                        Travel Channel

Team Umizoomi #305                    Bowler                                    Nick Jr.

TV Japan CLUB                             Reporter, Caster                     TV Japan (NHK North America)

Daily Information Station                Main Caster                            J:com West


Flesh For The Beast                     Tsukiko's Mother                       Fever Dreams

One Story, Many Voices               Asian Lady                                Catalyst

Disney Vacation Club                   Suzuki san                                 Forkandles Media

Good Life                                      Young Woman                           Life Support Co.


The Secret Of Treasure Map         Sally                                         Suffolk Theater


Samurai Show                               Shinobu                                    Delta Airline Stage PAC of Japanfest in Atlanta


A Tribute to Toshiro Mifune            Female Samurai                      Japan Society


Samurai Akimatsuri                       Toyotomi                                   UNIS  UN Sylvia Howard Fuhman Theater

Shinsen Project                              Ume                                         Riverside Church Theater

The Life Of An Actress                   Mineko                                     May Theater

Sindbad's Adventure                      Princess Malane                       Akasaka Prince Green Hall


New York Chorus Festival              Host                                        Carnegie Hall


Tempei, Piano                                Host                                         Carnegie Hall

Cherry Blossom Festival                Host                                         Brooklyn Botanic Garden


Japn Week Opening Ceremony     Host                                         Grand Central Terminal

Cherry Blossom Festival                Host                                         Washington DC


BJAFA New Year Festival               Host                                        Roulette (Brooklyn)


Norin Chukin Holiday Party            Host / Samurai Performance   Norin Chukin Bank


Sake Night                                      Host                                        The Nippon Club


Children's Day Momotaro               Host / Village Girl                    Japan Society


Opening Ceremony                        Host                                        Ootoya / Tempura Matsui


Japan & Korea Block Fair               Host                                         Ement Inc.


Japan Arts Matsuri                         Host                                         Theater For The New City


Samurai Boot Camp                       Camper                                   Webster Hall


Tokyo Circus Night                          Skit                                          The Pyramid Club

                                                                                                                                                         And Many Other


Coach Stilo                                     Johnny (Lead)                          NFL Game

Spaceman                                      Japanese Reporter                   Incubator Arts Project

The Expo Commemoration Park     Narration                                  Japan Expo

                                                        And many other voice overs


Special Skill


Japanese                                     Hosting/Emcee                         Voice Over (Narration, Character)

Samurai Sword Fighting              Piano                                         Ukulele

Tennis                                          Drums                                        Kyogen (Japanese Traditional Theatrical Play)  





Acting for Film and TV                                         Alberto Bonila                             Stella Adler Studio of Acting

Acting                                                                  Uta Hagen                                   HB Studio

Samurai Sword Fighting                                      Yoshi Amao                                 Peri Capezio Center

Singing                                                                 Mary Rogers                               Mary Rogers

Jazz Dance                                                          Keiko Hamaguchi                        Hamaguchi Dance Studio

2010 - present

2010 - present

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